Saturday, January 8, 2011

"But I Know a Change is Gonna Come..."

My friend, who has a certain way with words, told me today that I would be well to establish a routine, for,  then, I would be like a dog, who, according to him, do well with routines.
I suppose they do. Flynn, my mother's dog, seems to like his routine just fine.
The only routine I seem to have been able to set up so far is to sleep in.  I have, of course, just come off of two weeks vacation, in my ancestral home.  There, I seem to be unable to establish any sort of routine at all, despite the constant good example set by the aforementioned dog.  In reality, I don't really need a routine while I'm there, as my usual goal is simply to relax as hard as I can, which lends itself quite well to routinelessness.
Back now, to the metropolis, however, and already neck deep in a semester I seemed to have forgotten about over the Christmas break, I desperately need to establish something that looks like a routine, if only to fool myself.
For I have, Gentle Reader, returned to that wonderful state of Graduate School wherein one works entirely on ones own, with little to no supervision and deadlines that are at best several months off, and worse yet, are quite soft.  I traditionally do not deal well with these soft sort of deadline, as my Master's thesis proved.
Nevertheless, I feel that I learned something from that endeavour, and am positively brimming with enthusiasm for this new phase of my studies.
Still, if my routine consisted of more than sleeping in, that would be a good start.

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